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Royal Southern BrotherhoodRoyal Southern Brotherhood
Album: The Royal Gospel
Label: RUF
Tracks: 11

Ok as the band name suggests they hail from the southern states of America and this is their fourth album, recorded over just seven days at the Dockside studios Louisiana.

The opening track "Where There's Smoke There's Fire" is a rip roaring southern blues track with screaming guitars and a driving rhythm section punching out the bass lines. What an anthemic start to the album and sets the band's stall out in excellent fashion.

As this song fades out it is followed up by the more relaxed "I've Seen Enough To Know" a track which has a much more soul feel to with a funky bass line forming the backbone of song. To me the track has overtones of some of those great tracks by Marvin Gaye and other such artists.

Keeping with the soulful feel of the last track "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" has a very much soul feel to it. Complete with the funkadlic bass line and the jangling guitars and deep soulful lyrics. Another track that you can't help tapping your foot and nodding your head to. All this coupled with the wailing guitar solo makes for an excellent track.

Ah some lovely delta blues with the next offering "I Wonder Why". A track that has everything a classic blues song should have.The obligatory drum beat, simple bass lines, a sad and soulful guitar, lyrics to match the mood and finally the unmistakable sound of a Hammond organ.

"I'm Coming Home" sticks with the blues theme but very much lightens the mood. Another great toe tapping head nodding offering from the guys. From the blues the album returns to a more of a soul feel with the track "Everybody Pays Some Dues". In keeping with the preceding tracks another excellent offering from the guys

"Face Of Love" slows things down a bit, a lovely ballad with some absolutely beautifully lyrics sung with passion and feeling. Again I defy anyone not to nod their head and tap their foot along with this beautiful song.

Well what can I say about the next offering "Land Of Brokern Hearts", gritty lyrics, scorching guitars, driving bass lines, wailing of the Hammond organ and tight drums apart from I love this track. Definitely more rock than blues or soul but it fits so perfectly within the album.

Back to the blues with "Spirit Man". Another fine example of southern blues played and sung at it's best. Great lyrics the Rhythm section is so tight and as for the guitars, well just perfect, plain and simple. "Hooked On Plastic" is a track we can all relate to. It about our reliance on credit cards and the like. It is a great soulful comment on how we all live today.

"Can't Waste Time" has a more funk feel to it and is perfectly placed on the album to lift the musical feel before the last track.Finishing of the album is "Stand Up" a track with a party feel to. Up beat guitars and funky rhythm section coupled with lyrics tha carry a message about the state of modern politics and it is about time to make a stand against them. The song and the album finishes on a building crescendo calling us to stand up and come together.

So what to say in conclusion about this offering. It is a excellent example of what these guys are offering. The musicianship and lyrics are second to none. It is well worth purchasing and listening to. Take my world for it you will not be disappointed.

Andy Chamberlain