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Rosy Daze Rosy Daze
Album: Be Longing
Label: Songs & Whispers
Tracks: 12

Following on from 2010s The Minute You Met EP, Be Longing is the first full length album from the Bremen based duo. Eschewing the simple acoustic values of the EP, this is a well-produced album with other musicians joining Silke and Marc Gutzeit.

Described as a tasty mix of Americana and pop, at times Silke's vocals do sound like a cross between Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain, though there is a more than a touch of the Cardigans about them at times. The songs are tightly but beautifully arranged, with an impressive cohesion throughout. The guest musician really add to the mix here, in particular Julia Molnar who's violin really lifts songs like Home Before The Storm , and the drums from Martin Denzin which adds immeasurable to Tearing The Sails and On Fire among others.

Unsurprisingly the standout track here is Canaan, which has been given the full video treatment available online. It's a cracking country folk track with a very pop feel, and is an excellent showcase for just how well Silke and Marc play together. The other tracks that really pop out are Home Before The Storm which is hauntingly beautiful, and The Place Where I Belong.

There are times when the album dips slightly. Harvester comes across a little formulaic, and The Tide features a nice guitar riff to kick it off, but ultimately comes across as album filler. The rest of the album is incredibly consistent however, and when it soars, it really soars. It ends with a cover of Drop Me Down Into The Water, which while it doesn't find much to add to the Tres Chicas version, provides the perfect ending to an accomplished album.

For a first full length album, Be Longing is impressive. Cohesive and captivating with consistently catchy melodies, this is well worth a listen.

Adam Jenkins