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Roni Roni
Album: Nothing Less Than This EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

Single names make me nervous right now given the year we've had; Boris, Gove, Ronaldo - it used to be a uni-moniker meant craft and guile - Romero, Pele etc. Roni could be the start of the rebuilding of that singular nominiture as something to be embraced.

Her simple slow tempo country pop, voice similar to Eddi Reader, is a worthy start, the production is a bit first demo/support band bought at a gig quality, but all the parts are there. She has a terrific voice, and with a solid band, perhaps UK countrys go to guitarist, Luke Thomas in tow she could really turn this into something?

Given the packaging I'm guessing this is really a marketing tool, sold at gigs etc. She's one to look out for at C2C, she'd make a perfect atrium act, and years as a jobbing voice really show. The question is where next? The album, surely there must be one in the works, has to include some pacer tunes, a real rave up and a vocal with a bit more edge. It's a tough, small, high calibre market the UK country scene, and with acts like Laura Oakes and Jessica Clemmons already established, Roni will need to step up.

Rudie Humphrey