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Rob LearRob Lear
Album: Motorcycle Heart
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Well my continuing journey through new music continues this week with what can only be describe as a wonderfully brilliant album "Motorcycle Heart" by Rob Lear. This is follow up to his 2013 debut album "Let It Go" and wow what a follow up it is, 12 tracks of sheer bliss and a real pleasure to listen to. The album mixes various styles together from folk, country and a little bit of pop thrown in for good measure which all blend together to create and wonderfully unquie offering. In this age of talent shows on the television and manufactured bands it is always a pleasure to be introduced to a True artist in every sense of the word. Rob is one of these with out any doubt, his wordsmith and musicianship are sublime and dare I say second to non.

The twelve tracks that make up the album are all true gems in themselves ranging from the toe tapping Elfinman "(You are Everything)", through the interesting take on the classic "Micheal Row Your Boat" entitled " Michael" and the more melodic "Carry On" just beg for the listener to lay back close their eyes and let music paint images in the minds eye. All the tracks have been influenced by his life growing up around motorcycles, all I can say is as biker myself I just wish I had the skills to be able convert my experiences into such wonderful songs.

So time to round this review of. As you can probably guess I like this album. Well that is a bit of an understatement, I LOVE IT pure and simple. I was hooked from the opening chords of the opening track. The album is due to hit the shops on 1st May 2016 do yourself a favour and buy it, if you don't you will regret

Andy Chamberlain