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Rhiannon Scutt Rhiannon Scutt
Album: #9
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

I first saw Rhiannon Scutt at Kirton in Lyndsey back in September when she was the support for Amanda Ann Platt and The Honeycutters. I reviewed the gig and said that I was impressed with both her maturity and stage presence. I also thought that at times she had a touch of Joni Mitchell about her which is no bad thing.

So now she has produced her first EP and all the comments I made about her first time around are still valid. I previously wrote "She is very natural, charming and with a voice and personality to match. She is an accomplished finger style guitarist and undoubtedly a songwriter to watch out for."

This five track debut EP was pulled together in one evening with no rehearsal and with five musicians who had never previously met and therefore never played together before. To quote Rhiannon's words "as a result it is beautifully imperfect." A bold move and not one that many other artists adopt but it does work. It gives the whole thing an almost live feel!

All five tracks are fairly gentle with no danger of making you jump out of your chair. Closer to folk than any other genre of music, there is also a lovely self-deprecatory sense of humour in Rhiannon's lyrics which is probably best demonstrated in "The Songwriter."

Favourite track is the laid back final track "Another Way" which rather sums up Rhiannon's approach to music.

Don't get too excited about visiting her website which is just a holding page. It does however include a nice photo of this very talented young lady. Most definitely one to watch out for!

Rory Stanbridge