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Resident AlienResident Alien
Album: Strawberry Moon
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

Resident Alien is the new musical project formed by Russian born and now London based songwriter and musician Daniel Hertzov, and this 3 track EP was executive produced (whatever that means!) by Boo Hewerdine.

Hertzov has certainly lived an often nomadic musical existence. Born in Moscow into a family of dissident Jews, his path into music took him through political asylum in the USA where he grew up, through Europe as an adult to the UK, and specifically Scotland which he now calls home. And I'm guessing that it's this myriad of musical cultures that has influenced his songwriting. "Strawberry Moon" isn't one of those pieces of work that you can fit neatly into a musical genre, and although there is a layer of pedal steel on the opening title track, acoustic meanderings on "Child Of The City" and fuzzed-out guitar on closer "Circle Without End", the listener is left with no clear idea of the direction that the music is headed.

That's not always a bad thing of course. In fact in can often be a very good thing. Perfect examples of that would be Ryley Walker and Israel Nash who although are often lumped into the general 'americana' category, transcend labels by virtue of the sheer breadth of musical influences that permeate their sound.

However, "Strawberry Moon" as a body of music, I find to be pointedly scattergun in it's approach. It's almost as if Hertzov is throwing things at a musical canvas and seeing what sticks. It's a brave approach, and one that I think could work if there was a whole album of material to engage with, but in this short 3 track format it doesn't compute.

The lo-fi, disjointed production may or may not be deliberate, but doesn't help. And there are germs of ideas within each song that could bear fruit given time, but to these ears they are just part-formed concepts that perhaps needed space to germinate and evolve.

Ken Brown