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Red Dirt SkinnersRed Dirt Skinners
Album: Behind The Wheel
Label: Sidegoat
Tracks: 9

Freedom's call beckons in soprano sax led title song 'Behind The Wheel' by award winning duo of Sarah and Rob seemingly uprooting residence to find home on 'road' song. Rob's acoustic guitar perfect foil combined with lyrics purposely accommodating both vocalists to reward with strong harmonies on album of adventure.

Blues/roots journey continues in love song laden album, and what's wrong with that?, 'Home Sweet Home' with it's cry "If it hadn't been for you' gives Rob the majority of the vocal, harmonised by Sarah in answering call. 'The Other Half' taking alternate route with viewpoint opportunity for both singers.

Haunting sax as lovers gaze well met on 'The Inspiration', close observation on the give and take visible in relationship's. Each instrumentalist loyal in dispensing the 'Bad Apple', acoustic riff of Rob's guitar in the fore until sax break around 1:14. 'Thoughts Of The Past' replete with the now familiar wonderful harmonies bitter tale of growing old.

Smile resumed as 'Daybreak' constantly shifting tempo and mood allows breathing space for some fine instrumentation across it's seven plus minutes. Clever lead into instrumental reprise of the earlier 'Eleanor Joan', this time Sarah's sax high above Rob's gentle acoustic as we drift into the haze.

"Behind The Wheel" triumphant recall of previous successes. 2013 saw Red Dirt Skinners receive crown as Horizon Act of the year and People's Choice at the British Country Music Awards and following year at British Blues Awards, Sarah collecting Instrumentalist of the year.

Tony Wilding

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