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Pilgrim's WayPilgrim's Way
Album: Red Diesel
Label: Fellside
Tracks: 10

Things have been a bit quiet from this Folk Award Nominated outfit recently. Fortunately, now singer and Jews Harpist Lucy Wright has finished her PhD (talented and brainy!) they are back with an extended line-up and fantastic new album.

Throughout the album, the arrangements are vibrant, intricate and oozing exceptional musicality. Really, we should expect nothing less from a band who can play 40 instruments between them. Starting with a jaunty rendition of Rout of the Blues, with some extra backing "Huzzah's" from the band, the album moves on to the more dramatic and intense Howden Town. The fiddle playing of Tom Kitchen on this track is a stand out element, with a slightly bluesy intro. The tempo then changes completely with the much more poignant Maybe Then I'll be a Rose.

For another lighter track, we have The Light Dragoon, a story of a young lady and her night of passion with a soldier after feeding him and his horse. With some excellent audience participation moments this is a song that will be great live. My favourite track is Six Dukes. Another slightly eerie melody that has an excellent accompaniment based around the Jews Harp of Lucy Wright.

Throughout the album, the vocals are driven by Lucy's unique and captivating singing. Clear and articulate, with passion and conviction, they bring the lyrics to life. Behind this strong vocal performance is an exceptional group of musicians that have produced inspired arrangements that are really engaging to listen to. Having had the pleasure of seeing them live a few years ago, I would recommend trying to catch them, you'll be in for a treat.

Nicky Grant