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Pigeon Detectives Pigeon Detectives
Album: Broken Glances
Label: Dance To The Radio
Tracks: 10

The Leeds indie-rockers are back with their fifth album in the last decade, four years after their last LP, We Met At Sea. Having first broken onto the scene with the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and The Enemy, their songs were anthems for the festival crowds, simple but effective. Now they have made the conscious decision to go for a different sound, a little more subtle and reflective. It's a far more mature album than expected.

Their stall is set out right from the first track, Wolves, which is a slow melodic build to a climax that doesn't quite come. It's a world away from their earlier hits, and a welcome change of pace. An early highlight is Munro, which embraces the new mature sound, but still manages to add in the odd classic Pigeon Detective hooks. Falling In Love is a wonderful track, full of melancholic atmosphere and a sense of longing.

They haven't quite left their roots behind, and there are enough higher energy moments so that you can't mistake who you are listening to. Lose Control has a real buzz to it, which will leave you singing along in no time. Sounding The Alarm will have you nodding along and tapping your feet to the beat, and Stay With Me is a track that feels like the perfect link between Broken Glances and their previous albums.

Broken Glances is an engaging album, and a clear sign of the evolution of The Pigeon Detectives from producers of simplistic crowd-pleasing anthems, to something with far more heart and soul. This could be a new beginning for the band, with a more relaxed sound which makes the album one that you'll listen to time and time again, rather than skipping to those one or two tracks that get the heart beating and the blood pumping.

This may be a difficult album to love immediately for their more hardcore fans, but this feels like the right album at the right time for the band.

Adam Jenkins