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Peter Graham Peter Graham
Album: Nowhere In Tacoma
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

Peter Graham's debut EP "Nowhere in Tacoma", is comfortable and unchallenging, pleasant sounding, alt country music with a leaning to shades of indie folk. The EP was produced by Aaron Goldstein with performances by Aaron along with Anthony Carone, Darcy Yates and Tom Hamilton.

Peter is a singer-songwriter hailing from Millbrook, Ontario but now based in Toronto. He says his earliest memory of music "is crafting mix-tapes with his brothers after his Aunt Rosie, who worked at a Toronto record shop, dropped off a cardboard box brimming with CD's." He was encouraged to begin playing and performing whilst at university and has carried on crafting his art and writing his own material ever since.

He is hopeful that "Nowhere In Tacoma", is a big step towards him becoming a full-time musician and it is an encouraging musical start.

The EP is 5 songs and 18 minutes long. Stand out track is the opener, "Tell Nobody Nothing" which introduces itself in a friendly and open manner through familiar strummed acoustic guitar and country style electric slide reminiscent of mid 70's James Taylor.

Another song of intrigue is final song "Sits in the Folds". The indie folk violin and it's interplay throughout the song lifts it up to catch the ear and leaves you with the promise and sense of what Peter may create, as he continues to work, write and perform his music.

Finally here's something to bear in mind that is a bane of so many artists. Whilst searching for Peter's music on Spotify and iTunes I discovered that his music is mixed on his artist page with another artist of the same name. The styles are worlds apart but look as if they are all from the same Peter Graham. Just a heads up if you are looking him up.

Meantime, if you are in Peter's neighbourhood you can catch him and his band every month at Whelan's Gate, where they hold a residency. After the summer the band will be touring around small-town Ontario.

James Morris