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Pete Guy Pete Guy
Album: MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

Hertfordshire's Pete Guy is a hard working musician who has been building a growing reputation and body of work over the last few years. Following on the heels the d├ębut EP Houdini and full album Breathe (2015) comes a new EP Monsters In your Head.

This is an EP full of Zeitgeist; of songs reflecting the world we live in today where worries, both real and imaginary, can grow in the dark. This happens at both a personal and group level; it can be our own anxiety and doubt that holds us back, or dogma and vested interests separating people who are all the same if only we could look past the superficial differences to find common understandings and forgiveness. As he sings on Somewhere Else

"The dreams you have, well I've dreamt them too
You could be me, I could be you."

The opening track, Monsters In Your Head, is a rather dark song, behind the pop feel, encapsulating those fears. As we know the monsters tend not to be lurking under the bed but in the mind, where the dangers that obviously do exist are amplified by imagination to a level where the fear of threat can become greater than the threat itself. Perhaps, as the song says, everyone needs to

"Put up your umbrella, take shelter from the blame
Forgiveness can change the weather, when you get caught out in the rain."

Creature Of Habit has a slightly Western feel to it, suited to the pace of a horse, and fits the song well as it is about breaking free to ride off into the sunset. It's something we've all wanted to do but don't because comfort and security hold most of us back.

Lift The Lid gives a change in tempo to a much rockier sound and could almost be a love song; that kind of love that hits you between the eyes and leaves you stunned and wondering if this perfect moment can be repeated or needs to be locked away in the mind.

The final track, Somewhere Else, returns to the theme of similarity rather than difference, forgiveness rather than blame, being the way to unite and go forward.

"Runners in a human race born apart at a different place
Fashioned from the self same cloth that if you weep I feel your loss"

These four tracks do exactly what an EP should and provide a valuable showcase of the performer's talent, range and where he is at the moment. It's certainly an EP that makes you want to hear more. The production values are good and the backing musicians support the performance well.

The album is released as a download on 22nd October and is available to pre-order from followed by a physical CD on 5th November at a special live launch show at The Orange Tree in Baldock, Herts.

Tony Birch