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Pete Falloon Pete Falloon
Album: Reed In The River
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Pete Falloon is a West Country based singer songwriter who, prior to receiving this album to review, was unknown to me and probably a few others too. He plays a number of instruments and is supported by his brother, Matthew, on this album as both producer and session musician.

"Reed In The River" is Pete's debut album and will appeal to lovers of folk/pop music. It has a delightful soft sound to it, never blasting out the ears of the listener and never overdoing the stripped down backing. The use, primarily, of acoustic instruments throughout adds to the somewhat laid back style of Pete.

All of the songs are penned by Pete and there are a couple of standout tracks. "Lay Down In The Morning Light" is a beautiful song about nature. Fans of Magna Carta and Chris Simpson will note more than just a hint of similarity to the sound produced by MC. The title track "Reed In The River" has a superb acoustic and electric guitar intro which draws the listener in to the geography and the countryside of Devon. Two major influences on Pete's songwriting. The inclusion of the mandolin on this track is sublime.

"Canada in The Fall" is a description of a trip made by Pete to one of my personal favourite countries. It is a very poetic song of escape having left a girl behind back home. "I keep on running away from you" he sings. This is both thoughtful and honest.

Although Pete has received some air time on BBC Radio 6, I am not sure he has received the accolades that his music and songwriting deserves. If you want an album that is going to blow your socks off, then this is not it. If you want to listen to an excellent album of easy listening tracks, then this most certainly is for you. Described as being Simon & Garfunkel meets The Byrds, Pete Falloon's music will encourage your imagination to wander along the shores and moors of Devon.

I found the album to be a total musical delight from the first to the last track..

Rory Stanbridge