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Peatbog Faeries Peatbog Faeries
Album: Live @ 25
Label: Peatbog
Tracks: 13

You can never beat a live album and with the Peatbog Faeries celebrating a well deserved 25 years of bringing music and joy to people it is very fitting to have a live album as the hallmark. This band has 25 years of experience to draw on to make sure that this celebratory album incorporates the essence of all they are.

Fusion music is forever growing as more and more people want to add the best of all genres to create something new. This being so, Peatbog Faeries have already been succeeding in this venture and have it now down to a fine art.

Scottish Celtic music has enjoyed a long and valued history, but the Peatbog Faeries are instrumental in keeping this kind of music alive and are infamous for their performances across the world, spreading the wonder of Celtic for everyone to enjoy.

'Live @ 25' certainly lives up to all of these expectations by capturing the very atmosphere that you would expect to experience at one of their concerts. The different blends of sounds mixed together by talented artists makes it so your blood will start pumping and your feet will start tapping no matter what.

Tunes such as 'The Naughty Step' are really given a new vibrant lease of life as you hear the audience cheering on the recording and feeding the passion for music that can be heard through the instruments.

One thing I particularly enjoy about Peatbog Faeries is how the blend of different instruments in a tune is carefully considered to bring out the best of the instruments and to keep things varied. My favourite track on the album for example if 'Folk Police'. Starting with a strong blast of pipes to then mellow down to a more rock guitar focus just seemed very natural and exciting as the tune progressed. To then raise back into pipes as the tune was starting to close really kept the atmosphere pumping.

I also really enjoyed the album finally 'Skyline of Skye' which was the perfect homage to the homeland of this wonderful band and also added a more emotional vocal end to an already valued album.

Here is to the next 25 years.

Paul Rawcliffe