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Paul Brady Paul Brady
Album: Unfinished Business
Label: Proper
Tracks: 11

Belfast born Paul Brady has just celebrated his 70th birthday yet continues to make great music whilst still leaving enough energy to tour.

Arguably Paul Brady is one of Ireland's greatest musical exports. "Unfinished Business" is Paul's first studio produced album for seven years and his 15th solo album in total. This album contains nine new compositions and two traditional folk songs all of which amply demonstrate Paul's appeal to a wide audience.

Paul, who is a difficult guy to place into a specific genre, continues to surprise at every turn and with each new piece of work. Ballads, folk, blues are all handled with his particular brand of laid back approach with just a touch of an Irish twinkle in his voice. The title track "Unfished Business" could have come straight from the stable of Michael Buble.

After a lifetime of performing and making music, it is difficult to find new things to say about this accomplished artist. He has written for and performed with the best and is still held in high esteem by the music community. Despite this, he still has the desire and energy to write new songs as witnessed by the number of self-penned compositions on this latest album. He is most definitely not a man to sit on his laurels!

The new album contains a number of superb and very different sounding tracks. "Say You Don't Mean" is a blues inspired song which is followed by "Oceans of Time" a beautiful slow ballad which really suits Paul's voice perfectly. "The Cocks Are Crowing" has its roots firmly based in the folk world. "I Like How You Think" smacks of Americana so you will see how difficult it is to pigeon hole Paul.

This is a man with history, class, imagination and great musicianship. His fans already know this but there is a whole new world of potential followers out there just ready to listen to and be inspired by this remarkable musician.

Rory Stanbridge