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Patsy Thompson Patsy Thompson
Album: Fabulous Day
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Patsy Thompson comes with quite a back story. Her 15 year career from her home base in Austin, which included opening for such luminaries as Willie Nelson and Clint Black, was put on hold for over a decade when she took on the carer role for her mother who suffered from dementia. However, out of the gloom an offer from friend, producer and co writer Chris Rolin was made to help her finish a bunch of songs and produce this album, 'Fabulous Day'.

The ten tracks here were recorded at Studio Down Under and feature a stellar band of musicians, too numerous to mention individually, on guitars, bass, drums, piano, fiddle and steel guitar.

Opener and title track 'Fabulous Day' enters on perky strummed guitar, percussion and fiddle before Patsy tells us 'It's been a long long time, since you've been on my side'. Her voice is very engaging, something between Mary Chapin Carpenter and Chrissie Hynde, and pretty soon the song takes a turn towards the more optimistic with the hooky chorus 'What a fabulous day, what a fabulous day, today is that day, what a fabulous day'.

'Neon Lights' is a guitar led, rhythmic mid tempo track, 'Picking You Up' is proper old country rock bar room swagger, and 'Dreamin' is as breathy and intimate as the title suggests.

Other standouts on a very enjoyable album are the riffing, overdriven guitar of 'Someone To Blame', the picked acoustic subtlety and anthemic chorus of 'Joy Ride', before 'I Think About You' closes thinks down in good old honky tonk fashion.

Well, it may have been a long time coming, but this is a great way for Patsy Thompson to tell the world she's back. A real statement of intent indeed.

Paul Jackson