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Noah ZacharinNoah Zacharin
Album: Strange Rider
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Noah Zacharin is a remarkable guitarist and songwriter, he has the unique ability to capture images and articulate them thoughtfully into lyrics complimented by his brilliant musical arrangements. His music knows no boundaries and takes you on a wild and ethereal journey, the more you hear a track the deeper you get pulled in with extremely clever, imaginative and magnificently executed bridges and solos, he is the Picasso of the music world with his mastery of a wide variety of styles which he can so effectively bring together in one album, and then the lyrics, which always tell intriguing and deep stories.

Born in Montreal and based in Toronto Noah has received much acclaim for his works both as a songwriter, top class guitarist and published award winning poet. He is cementing himself as one of Canada’s great songwriter with this album, diverse and heartfelt with a stellar line up of backing musicians in my mind it really is his best work to date.

Firm favourites ‘ Find My Baby ‘, ‘Fan The Flame ‘ and ‘ The Way Love Calls ‘ with their big sound and thought provoking lyrics encapsulate what truly is a fabulous album from start to finish.

I have been a long time admirer of his live performances and his last album hit the spot with me, but I really think this release is going to be a hard one to follow, it’s a first class showcase for his amazing talents as a storyteller, songwriter, arranger and guitarist. I would be happy to have just one of those attributes, he has them all which is insane.

Would I recommend it ? Hell yeah ! He has stated in the liner notes that the album title could have been ‘ Sins & Doubters ‘, if there were doubters they have just been banished, to sin has been defined as ‘ to miss the mark ‘ Noah certainly hit the mark with this release.

Stevie Connor