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The New 52 The New 52
Album: Let Me Sleep
Label: Haven
Tracks: 9

Naming your band after a comic revival, may not be the smartest move for a band, particularly if you want people to actually be able to find you after hearing one of your songs, call me finicky, but I have better things to do than hunt a band down, anyway, griping aside, I've done the ground work for you and The New 52 can be found at the link above.

"Let Me Sleep" is the debut album from The New 52, which is a new recording project/band from acclaimed artist/performer Darragh Cullen, who has a number of releases to his credit and they may account for the slightly bitty nature of the album, sort of occupying an area that drifts between rock, pop and indie with undercurrents of a 21st century Echo & The Bunnymen.

Despite being a difficult album to pin down stylistically, there are some factors that bind the album and give it a sense of being, rather than coming across as a disconnected set of ideas. The first being the quality of the narrative, you can't fault the quality of the wordsmithying even if there are times the album sounds like a couple of EPs that have been thrown together at random to create a new whole. Not a bad achievement for an album of 9 tracks that clock in at just over the half hour.

It is a good collection of songs, aided and abetted by Cullen's voice that really helps enhance the emotional aspects of the songs, he's a singer that seems to feel the words as well as articulate them and it gives the songs a sense of purpose, something that's reinforced by the band setting. The songs also sound strong, sound as if they could easily be transferred to a solo artist and an acoustic guitar and maybe ultimately that's where they're destined. In balance "Let Me Sleep" is an enjoyable album, but frustratingly sounds like it could be so much more.

Neil King