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Nelson KingNelson King
Album: The Collection
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 16

Nelson King's The Collection is both likeable and uncompromising in its homegrown style

Nelson King has prolifically self produced and released an album a year over the past 8 years and has developed a unique sound, adamantly sticking to his guns when approaching his writing, performance and production.

His songs don't always bend to conventional structure and his singing style may not be to everyone's taste; there is something of the sand and glue that Bowie ascribed to Dylan on his Song For Bob Dylan. Nevertheless, what he has achieved by treading his own path has undoubtedly garnered him fans across the world. His blues inspired, mainly acoustic tracks are belligerently direct. He hits a groove and layers it with his strummed Martin acoustic whilst weaving touches of vintage electric guitar and keyboard through the songs, all played in his own uncompromising style.

The Collection is a perfect place to discover the songs of Nelson King. This album takes tracks from his previous albums and compiles them as something of a fans favourite choices.

Highlight for me was the jaunty and jangly No Faith No More and the acoustic Always You but there are a number of tracks here that have an intriguing guile. The lyrics are sparing but emotional and provide a small glimpse into the song writers world.

The songs tend not to stray from Nelson's obvious core style and this may not be for everyone but I found myself enjoying it. There is something refreshing but at the same time familiar in these songs. Maybe it's because I can imagine other people covering some of them and making them their own and perhaps this is where their strength lies.

There are 16 tracks on the album and there may be an argument to say that a shorter running time would have had more impact. Ultimately though Nelson's fans will love this album and for those that enjoy finding new independent music, The Collection is a good opportunity to tune into Nelson King and discover what his fans already know.

James Morris