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Album: From The Stillhouse
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

Punkgrass, I know, Bloodgrass however is something new to me, the confluence of Bluegrass and Outlaw Country, with a relish of Murder ballads gives me the best description of music that I really dig since Grace & Tony state at the start of one of their gigs they were about to commit "Grassphemy". Country music goes to some pretty dark places, often as a way of expressing a life lived, or expunging demons, but Murder Murder do it for the hell of it.

They mine the furthest recesses of the soul, those deep deep places, right in the back, where someone who's crossed us, spurned us or left us unrequited is still burning us, they love the smart of the wound. Murder Murder are the band for revenge, the sound track for wishing harm on others, raw, roth filled, and gothic in the extreme. Music from the places most of us surpress - and they embrace it with joyous abandon - Hallelujah!

It's rich, exquisitely played, full of riotous rebellion, cheery abandon, unsettling so when you realise it is all about deed done bad. Anyone with a teenager should, if they are still talking to them, get them to listen to 'Evil Wind', all about first loves, it doesn't end well, a feature of their set, but full of life's lessons on what to avoid.

It's a flurry of frantic fiddles and banjos bowling along at rocketship pace, without distracting from the terrific story songs. Highlight is the gay pirate love ballad, 'Duck Cove', true to form, it does not go well, and yes you read that right, gay pirate love ballad.

Good though this is I'm sure that live it is a hoot, and with a series of gigs underway, sadly not near me, the UK has a chance to create a whirlwind of dust as we cut some rug. It's a terrific record, guaranteed to leave you gasping for air, and probably in a pool of blood.

Rudie Humphrey