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Mouse Eat MouseMouse Eat Mouse
Album: Toxic Tails
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12
Website: http://

In this case it's proved nigh impossible to find out anything about the background of the two musicians involved in this act, which is tagged as award-winning and Mercury Prize-nominated (though even that page is also desperately short on information and artist listing, so I can't even confirm that factoid). All I know is that Mouse Eat Mouse is based in deepest Argyll (Scotland) and consists of vocalist/lyricist CD Shade and his self-confessed partner-in-crime Matt Lehane who's a multi-instrumentalist (and then some). There's no biographical info on their Facebook page, but I'm told that Matt was initially MEM's sound engineer who in due course at some point in the more distant history of MEM replaced MEM's departed bassist. So I can only point you in the direction of their Bandcamp outlet to sample the distinctive MEM music, which is strikingly individual and sounds like no-one else.

CD Shade's unique lyrics are forcefully intoned (or in one case, Birth Of A Notion, whispered) in strong language in the manner of performance poetry over the (mostly guitar-based) music, in a Scottish accent which is anything but impenetrable and commands listening. It's an unforgettable, rich and colourful experience that really paints pictures on the canvas of your mind, but it's not at all easy to define or cross-reference; you just have to hear it for yourself, and the easiest way is to descend on MEM's Bandcamp page tor a sample or three.

I realise that this may not be the most helpful of reviews, but I'd urge you to hear the extraordinary, vital, indescribable creations of MEM nonetheless.

David Kidman