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Morganway Morganway
Album: The Hurricane EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 4

There's a storm brewing from the intro, steamy, dust whipped up and dark skies loom, a broody start to the EP, from a new name to me. Pop country, with plenty of soul when Yves Mary B is front and centre. You hope there is a gritty, rainy and suitably arty video to accompany 'Devil's Canyon'.

Elsewhere it's a bit too poppy for my taste, and the other (male) singer, Callum Morgan suits the genre; it's disappointingly more of the Striking Matches/Ward Thomas vanilla country, beloved of Radio 2 - it certainly wouldn't be out of place on their playlist.

'London Life' reminds me of The Alarm or Del Amitri, and you can see them being a great festival band, or the opening on a big name headline show. The shame is their strength clearly lies in Yves Mary B, more of her, more of her Fleetwood Mac stylings and you have a band really on their way to somewhere.