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Mollys DaggersMollys Daggers
Album: Prima Materia
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Well where to start as with most things the beginning is the best place I suppose. "Prima Materia" is the debut album from Mollys Daggers and what an amazing debut offering it is as well. For me the joy of music is not only the experience of listening but the journey that the words and music can take you on, it can transport you to far of places and times and what a journey this album takes you on.

The jangling opening chords of "Give your lovin' to me " transported me back to the late sixties and the Royal Albert Hall and Eric Clapton laying down some amazing licks with Cream. The song is full of the spirit of those heady days and encapsulates the music of that era perfectly and you defy any one not to start tapping their foot or nodding their head along to the amazing licks and driving drum beats. WOW what an opener.

The album the steam rolls into "Shakin' Like the Leaves On The Trees" which again is firmly planted in that guitar based heavy blues of the late sixties and an excellent choice as the lead single from the album. It is another real foot stomper of a song that leaves the listener feeling like they have just got off a rollercoaster travelling full speed in reverse.

From the smoke filled clubs of the late sixties "44 Stone Johnny" takes you to fifties Louisiana and a chance to catch one's breath before venturing deep into the bayou with the next track "Sweet Mama" a hot sticky song with a feel of early Fleetwood Mac about it.

"Zin-uru" jumps out of the deep south and is more mystical and ethereal in nature. A slow swaying song which takes you to mist filled valleys between snow capped mountains and the music weaves it away around you leaving you at peace with yourself before shattering that peace with the crescendo of an ending, gone are the mountains you are now soaring through space on the firery tail of a comet.

Bang right back to earth again with "So So Long" a song which owes so much to those rockabilly ballads of the late fifties, images of diners, drive through cinemas, quiffs and glitterball filled sports hall come to mind.

Right back to the smoke filled clubs and pubs for the next track "Spoonfull of Sugar" a song which has a more seventies fill to, images of Mott The Hoople with Ian Hunter snarling out the lyrics from behind mirrored shades.

"Turn to Stone" jumps straight back into that late sixties psychedelia groove of bands such as the Doors, with its driving drum beat swirling guitar riffs and heavy bass lines and lyrics that swirl like an ember caught on the breeze, lay back turn up and enjoy.

From sixties psychedelia you are transported for me to Woodstock with the next track "In Our Time". Another track set firmly in the late sixties and again with a fill of early Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green about it. A real gem of a track that again just takes you to a far or shore where the waves lap at your feet. From the distance shore the last track "Needles and Thread" brings you back to the deep south sitting on a porch overlooking the bayou and as the sunsets across the still waters bathing everything in a warm glow and as with this image it leaves the listener in a warm and content feeling to finish this journey on.

So how to sum things up. "Prima Materia" is a real gem of an album which blends various styles from psychedelia to heavy blues perfectly into a masterpiece of a debut album. Go on give it a go and enjoy your own sensual journey. You won't be disappointed.

Andy Chamberlain