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Mitchell and Vincent Mitchell and Vincent
Album: Circling The Square
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 9

Mitchell and Vincent are a duo I'd previously been unaware of, which has certainly been my loss. They're incredibly hard working, as the gig list on their website will testify, but mainly play in the South-West of England. It can only be hoped that their second album, "Circling The Square", will bring them to a wider audience.

David Mitchell (Classical Guitar) and Graham Vincent (Fiddle) play mainly traditional tunes on this album, with a strong Irish influence, but don't look for the raucous, driving fiddle tunes that will get you to your feet. Instead you will find music that is beautifully played, with a delicacy and lightness of touch that immediately brings to mind Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill. It's an album to listen to, and appreciate, and grows in stature at each play.

The album opens with 'High Germany', one of three songs on the album, the others being 'Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy' and 'Pleasant and Delightful'. They share a common theme of lovers being separated by war or travel and suit Graham Vincent's pleasantly rich voice very well. The songs are sad, as traditional folk songs should be, but never lugubrious.

The remaining six tracks are tune sets and mostly traditional. Only three are recent enough to have a composer's name against them but they certainly fit comfortably within "the tradition", if that can be categorised.

The album is available now, as a download via Bandcamp or contact the duo for a physical copy. All the details you need are on the website, and it is certainly a work you should consider if you enjoy listening to well played traditional music.

Tony Birch