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Miss Tess Miss Tess
Album: Baby, We All Know
Label: Rights
Tracks: 11

Based in Brooklyn, Miss Tess, she of indeterminate surname, hails from Maryland, where she was raised on a diet of American folk, 30s big band swing (courtesy of her parents' outfit) and country, all of which now feeds into her own music alongside healthy doses of rockabilly, New Orleans jazz and rhythm and blues. Backed by her regular band The Talkbacks, it's a lively, joint-jumping affair that's as likely to throw up thoughts of Chuck Berry ('Ride That Train') and Jerry Lee ('I Can't Help Myself' featuring fine piano pumping by Roy Williams) as it is Patsy Cline ('It's So Easy To Tell') or the blues boogie side of Bonnie Raitt ('Shotgun Wedding').

Firmly retro in sensibility, on the one hand there's the swampy blues of 'Little Lola' with Bryan Eaton's throaty guitar, the noodling guitar licks of the 50s soul pop 'Do You Want Me Love' and the organ-backed bluesy dominatrix slink through 'Take You, Break You, Shake You', while, on the other she serves up slow doo wop swap 'Don't Blame Me', Appalachian steady stomp 'Moonshiner' and the pedal steel accompanied cowboy campfire waltzer 'Lie To Me' with its south of the border acoustic guitar solo.

Her cotton- smooth voice reminds me slightly of Zooey Deschanel and she handles every style with a relaxed, easy delivery that makes this a pleasure to listen to and even more of a pleasure to roll back the rug and dance around the living room to

Mike Davies