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Miraculous Mule Miraculous Mule
Album: Two Tonne Testimony
Label: Muletone
Tracks: 10

If you haven't heard Miraculous Mule yet, you're in for a treat. Taking the famous FATEA acoustic spectrum in a deep electric bluesy rootsy direction, 'Two Tonne Testimony' makes for an alliterative and dynamic collection of ten tracks saturated in gut wrenching soul.

The volatile London trio of guitarist/singer Michael Sheehy, Patrick McCarthy on bass and drummer Ian Burns follow 'Deep Fried' and 'Blues Uzi' with a set inspired by all manner of life experiences many of which emerge from a more dubious side of life. The band also take care of production, making sure that the sound is appropriately dense and electrically charged while providing a backdrop to lyrics which define cutting and abrasive; occasionally disturbing. We live in a world where world leaders, almost naturally, come in for a lashing - 'Where Monsters Lead' and 'They Cut, We Bleed' both address the consequences of blind faith in the beliefs of arrogant leaders. Religious dogma too serves as an inspiration, if that's the right word, as monstrous distorted riffs cut through to provide some light in the darkest of dark hours.

Dripping with atmosphere, from the formidable opening presence of the pairing of 'Holy Fever' and 'Shave 'Em Dry' and some fucnky chick backing vocals, the only concession comes via the relative lightness of 'Sound Of The Summer'. The album closes out with an immensely dense sonic exploration in the seven minute workout of 'Blues Uzi (the reprisal)', but while you're at it, check out their ''Sound Of The Summer' EP that includes a fabulous b-side, 'Ain't It Hard plus a reworking of 'In My Time Of Dying', best known via Led Zep's own reworking.

There may be nothing particularly new about the blues/soul rock genre, but MM's 'TTT' is a thrilling addition and the epitome of a power trio at its most compelling and convincing.

Mike Ainscoe