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Mike Zito Mike Zito
Album: Live From The Top
Label: Gulf Coasy
Tracks: 11

Mike Zito is nothing if not prolific, this being the third album of his that I have reviewed in the last eighteen months.

Mike is a superb blues/rock guitarist and this live album, a re-release of a 2010 production, gives total free reign to his skills.

This is a "live" album recorded at Smoking Mo's in Winter Park back in June 2010. I am not a big fan of "live" albums preferring to listen to the studio versions and being of the opinion that live music should be just that; live. However, this one really works and delivers an atmospheric sound and quality that makes the listener feel that he or she is in attendance at the gig.

Mike has a gritty quality to his voice which is perfectly suited to his style of music and delivery. He has also included a number of collaborators on the album, the outstanding one for me being the wonderful Teresa James. Their duet of "Shoes Blues" being the standout track on the album. This is a fabulous track and one that would no doubt get the audience up on their feet in an instant. It also included a fabulous bit of Sax on it from Jimmy Carpenter.

There is nothing that is particularly world shattering about this re-release but it will remind listeners of what real hard club blues and rock sounds like. It is testimony to Mike's playing and gutsy vocals that will stand the test of time.

Rory Stanbridge