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Michael Logen Michael Logen
Album: New Medicine
Label: Back Room Racket
Tracks: 10

Nine years after his first album, Things I Failed To Mention, Logen is back with a new record. If his music sounds familiar, chances are you've been watching American Television, with his songs being featured on the likes of Suits, Nashville and One Tree Hill. Any fans of American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, may also recognise his co-written song Breaking Your Own Heart which was covered by her on the Grammy-winning album Stronger.

The album was written in a cabin in the Tennessee mountains, away from everything. No TV, internet, phone, radio, and with even the clocks covered, Logen hid himself away to fully immerse himself in the writing process. What it's led to is a highly polished acoustic folk-pop album with some very strong songs.

St Christopher is the opening track, and is certainly one of those strong songs. It's driven along with a strong vocal performance and some smooth piano playing which keeps the song building throughout. It's followed by the first single, Ready Or Not, which is ridiculously upbeat and catchy, and sounds destined to appear in an American TV show sooner rather than later. His own version of Breaking Your Own Heart is a stripped down version, with more emphasis on the lyrics than other more celebrated versions.

Best Of You stands out with its pounding drums, and support from Liz Longley, which will leave you tapping a foot along to the beat. Elsewhere Kim Richey features on That Next Thing and Ruby Amanfu appears on Human After All. The album ends with a bit of a departure, with Cannonball Embrace. In an album full of ballads, it's all the more refreshing for its differences, and shows that Logen has a few more strings to his bow.

While this brand of Americana is not lacking for performers, this very polished album should elevate Logen up along the likes of the Lumineers. It's no fluke that his music is being so widely played, and there is more than enough on show to suggest there is even more to come from Michael Logen. Remember the name, I suspect you'll be hearing far more of it in the months and years to come.

Adam Jenkins