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Merry HellMerry Hell
Album: We Need Each Other Now
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 1

A song for the times we find ourselves in, those Wigan based Folk Rockers Merry Hell have hit the spot with unerring accuracy, "We Need Each Other Now".

The message is clear, we are tearing ourselves apart, Communities, Countries, unravelling, everywhere mistrust and doubt. And if that resonates then this teaser for the new album due out in October is for you. If like me you are slow to stand and quick to run figuratively speaking, if you wonder can we do more? Perhaps it is as simple as the stirring music written by John Kettle promises

"Rise up, rise up you hopeful men.
And women who might try again!
And with one voice our message send.
We Need Each Other Now"

It's certainly rousing, inspiring stuff, addressing the issues we all face, a forceful anthem for our times, we can make things better. We are all family and if the rest of the forthcoming release of "Bloodlines" matches this we are all in for a real treat.

Ian Cripps