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Meadow Creek Meadow Creek
Album: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

A Swedish husband and wife duo. Linda Dahl provides keening vocals while the impressively-bearded Peter, one part of a successful ABBA tribute band, looks after the production, guitars and several other instruments. Trading in rustic-flavoured Americana with lashings of pedal steel and mandolin, all bar one of the songs are self-penned, displaying an ear for strong melodies and hooks veined with a pop sensibility, as with album opener 'Not Anymore' which, with its soaring chorus, suggests ABBA had they taken a country path.

Peter on lead, the focused rolling rhythms of 'Rescue Me' come with a bluesier tint not to mention a reference to Robert Johnson, while overcoming adversity duet 'Small Shell From The Sea', coloured by dobro and fiddle, is a mid-tempo waltzer. Another duet, the pledging my love title tracks jogs along a well-worn country trail to toe tapping effect, but, backed by Hammond organ, 'Golden Frame' again a more soulful shade to its Swedicana.

Elsewhere 'I Got You' is another upbeat jogalong, this time with the dobro and banjo imparting bluegrassy flavours, 'Hey Now' a slower, bluesier Hammond groove while So Far From Home, an encouragement to rise from the ashes of burned bridges, is a fiddle-led waltz.

The sole cover is a duet version of John Mayer's walking beat meditation on inherited personality and broken home DNA, 'In The Blood', the gospel-like handclaps of the original making way for Berra Karlsson's weeping pedal steel, the album closing with the Linda singing aptly titled simple acoustic end of the relationship line ballad 'Time To Let It Go', another hint of Benny and Bjorn and suitably mournful fiddle from Peter Wahlgren. They're not selling anything that's not readily available in the country music store, but they certainly warrant having a prominent display to attract the browsers and not be hidden away in the and also section

Mike Davies