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Marvin B NaylorMarvin B Naylor
Album: Human God
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

Marvin B Naylor is a bit of an enigma and when you begin to listen to his new e.p. Human God you will begin to understand why.

He is an undoubtable genius, this is what you must understand initially. Seriously, a genius in the conventional sense.

On first listen the title track, Human God, sounds like a standard pop song but when you dig a little deeper you may uncover some strange things. Certain lyrics appear familiar and then when you find out that Human God is a homage to the late David Bowie (it feels dreadful referring to him as "late") it all starts to make sense.

"Human God" is littered with references to Bowie tracks and even whispers of instrumental tributes in Marvin's amazing guitar interlude. From the start "In the corner of the world" (Width of a Circle) and as "Hermione read weeping" (Letter to Hermione) you are taken through an entire musical and lyrical history of one of the UK's best songwriters. Lest we forget, dear reader, this is also a great pop song!

"Ode to Peggy Christie" gets us back on track with traditional Marvin B Naylor fayre. Back to the virtuoso layered12 string guitar with it's edgy yet resplendent chords that gives this love song a beautiful bitter sweet tone.

"Moonsets of Aerah" is a wondrous instrumental soundscape of a song with Marvin's trademark 12 string taking us on an sonic journey to who knows where? If you added early Genesis with the latest Radiohead album (Moon Shaped Pool at time of writing ) then you get some kind of idea what is going on here.

At three tracks "Human God" is the perfect "amuse bouche" if you are new to Marvin's music and also a must have for the connoisseur.

Nick Tann