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Martin HeatonMartin Heaton
Album: Pillow Talk
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 16

Pillow Talk is the third album from Martin Heaton, a singer songwriter hailing from Pickering. Heaton has been playing the guitar since he was a lad of thirteen, paying the princely sum of £3 for a 1957 Sovereign that he still owns to this day. Clearly it led to a well spent childhood strumming away, and absorbing as much music as he could. In the nineties he realised that none of the music around reflected his personal taste, so he decided to write the songs that he wanted to hear.

The album is a sprawling mix of folk rock, country and more than a dash of Americana. Bob Dylan is an obvious influence, and while the vocals remain proudly from Yorkshire, there is a lyric playfulness on display at times, that comes straight out of the Dylan playbook. With sixteen songs on the CD, it's got plenty of bang for your buck. While not all of them exactly hit the heights, enough of them do to make this a worthwhile purchase.

It starts with perhaps the strongest track, Till Another Day. It's a simple tune, but it effectively highlights Heaton's vocal strengths as well as his guitar skills. Red Hair, Red Herring is an upbeat folk track which is impossible to listen to without picturing a cellar bar somewhere, candles on the table and the drinks flowing freely. I Won't Forget You When I'm Gone and The Letter are the other picks on the album.

While the album may have been stronger overall with a few of the filler tracks excised, this still has a lot to recommend it. Heaton comes across as a strong singer songwriter, and given the album comes without embellishments, it shows that his live gigs will be well worth attending.

Adam Jenkins