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Manitoba Hal Manitoba Hal
Album: Live In Ghent
Label: Hal's Kitchen
Tracks: 24

Canadian blues artist Manitoba Hal is proof that the ukulele is an instrument for all genres.

This is a two CD collection of blues tunes performed at the Missy Sippy Blues and Roots Club in Ghent in April 2016

It features a wide selection of blues tunes by Robert Johnson (Come On In My Kitchen, They're Red Hot, Sweet Home Chicago), Mississippi John Hurt (Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me, My Creole Belle), Big Bill Broonzy (Key to Highway) as well as many others.

With his warm baritone voice, and engaging style, this is one artist who ekes out as much as he can from a four stringed instrument. He uses looping technology to add rhythmic backing.

His musicianship is masterful and impressive. I will never look down my nose at the humble uke again.

John Knighton