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Magna Carta Magna Carta
Album: Martin's Cafe
Label: Talking Elephant
Tracks: 11

I was really looking forward to reviewing this album but I confess to being somewhat disappointed. Magna Carta were among the pioneers of Prog Folk Rock in the late sixties and seventies along with the likes of Fairport Convention, ISB and Steeleye Span among others.

They had very fluid line-ups and some very acrimonious splits in their history and although they continue to record and tour in one form or another, they lack the permanence that Fairport seem to have achieved. Therefore this is a re-release/remastering of a 1974 recording and that is very clear from the outset. It feels dated and very much of it’s time and that is the problem.

The songs were good in their day and would probably sound ?ne given new treatments but as they are I doubt they would honestly attract a new listener. I feel that their appeal will lie mainly in a nostalgia trip rather than bring in new listeners.

Liz Franklin