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Luke Sital-Singh Luke Sital-Singh
Album: A Golden State
Label: Raygun
Tracks: 10

The third studio album from new LA resident Luke Sital-Singh is a thing of beauty. Moving from Bristol to Los Angeles, and changing his local beach from Western Super Mare to Malibu, has given him a bit of a lighter and sunnier disposition. Sital-Singh has spoken honestly about the darker themes that permeate through his music, and while he does not shy away from the heavier themes, there is something almost optimistic about A Golden State.

Los Angeles is perhaps the best example of this lighter touch; a radio friendly track full of warmth and doubt, but with a thick vein of hope running through. His last two singles also feature here. The Last Day is simple and full of tenderness, pondering mortality and the fragility of humanity. It's one of the highlights on the album, lyrically and musically. Love Is Hard Enough Without The Winter does not sound the most joy-filled track, and there is darkness in the tale of the difficulty in keeping a relationship going.

In truth it's hard to pick standout tracks on an album rammed full with great songs. The opening of the album is a strong start. Lover and Raise Well feel well paired up, both being about change and improvement. Silhouette is wonderfully produced and sung, and while introspective songs are not exactly rare on the record, this one is carved from hope. It's not always easy, but every day we can get a little stronger.

A Golden State is a gorgeous album full of wonderful contradictions. It's hopeful and hopeless; full of sadness and bliss. The record is so full of emotion that it cannot help but strike a chord in those that listen. Life recently may have featured quite the change in location for Luke Sital-Singh, and while his music has not changed as drastically, A Golden State deserves to take him to the next level.

Adam Jenkins