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Luke Sital-Singh Luke Sital-Singh
Album: Time Is A Riddle
Label: RayGun
Tracks: 11

A famous actor once said that in order to assess a script in terms of its hold and interest, he gave the script the 'bum test'. Let me explain. He would read the script while doing what came naturally on the toilet and depending on the length of time spent reading it, would end up with a numb rear end - the more engrossing the script, the more numb his posterior would be.

I have a similar, if less intimate, test - I call it 'the wife test'.

If my wife like a new release, it can take me a while to wrestle it from her in order to complete a review. How long depends on how much she loves or otherwise the release in question. And so it was with 'Time Is A Riddle'....

'Time Is A Riddle', is London singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh's second full-length release. Recorded in a deliberately remote studio, the sound of the isolation is beautifully captured in this stunning record. The melodies and production make this album very easy to listen to, yet some of the themes contained within the lyrics would belie that comfort. A gorgeous juxtaposition.

From the opening track 'Still', this record consistently shines throughout. At times on tracks such as 'Hunger', 'Rough Diamond Falls' and 'Slow Down', it's hard to believe that this is only the second long-player from Sital-Singh. There's enough angst and despair here, yet channelled into a thing of beauty, that usually only comes after many years and many albums.

'Innocence' would sit perfectly on Beck's 'Morning Phase' or 'Sea Change' and you wouldn't even see the join and the title track is a song that Ryan Adams would have been proud to have written.

It's a wonder then, why Luke Sital-Singh is not a name that is more frequently uttered when others so easily from the same ilk trip off the tongue. With songwriting this strong and accessible and when so honestly delivered, it can only be a matter of time before this changes.

It's a small miracle I managed to prise 'Time Is A Riddle' from my wifes grasp as soon as I did - but then again, she does have EXCELLENT taste.

Chris Giles