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Luke Daniels Luke Daniels
Album: Making Waves
Label: Gael
Tracks: 12

Traditionally, musicians playing folk and traditional music have been multi-instrumentalists, singers and story tells that have been both barers of the old music as well as penmen of new music. Over the years Luke Daniels has dipped into all of these roles initially gaining recognition for his virtuosic style of traditional Irish tune playing on the Melodeon. He has since explored many other traditions including those from England, Brittany, Naples, South America and others championing traditional repertoire and writing his own additions to the tradition. In recent years he has turned his hand to the role of the singer and song writer, some contemporary classical composition and working with a restored Polyphon.

However, his latest release, "Making Waves", sees him make a return to tune playing but venturing down the avenue of electronic music. The mix of electronic and traditional musics is something that has been being developed for a number of years, with names of pioneers such as Martyn Bennett and new and up and coming acts like Sketch springing to mind. Making Waves makes a departure from how a lot of the music in this vein works, in that it doesn't draw on a specific style of electronic dance music and instead uses lots of samples from different tracks from various archives and field recordings to make a collage of a backing track to the tunes. He is joined by Aidan O'Rourke on fiddle, Michael McGoldrick on flutes and whistles and John Doyle and Innes White on guitar and mandolin.

Each track has a different unique combination of sounds underneath a collection of very different tunes being played by some stella musicians. The first track employing sounds from an African choir, a polyphon, an old recording of a fiddle player and various drum sounds have been bent, warped and stretched to make a background to a very contemporary sounding tune played with incredibly meticulous box playing, articulate fiddle playing, lyrical flute playing and groovy guitar playing.

A brilliant listen and great to here some great players in a different context

Matt Tighe