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Lucy ZirinsLucy Zirins
Album: Unfound
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

While Unfound might not be Lucy Zirins' first album (in fact this is her fourth studio recording), Unfound feels like a fresh discovery; give it the merest of rubs and this gem really shines. The Burnley-born singer songwriter was chosen for the PRS class of 2010, and is a past British Blues Award Winner, so she's not exactly a fresh undiscovered voice. If you haven't come across her before though, now is the perfect time to find Unfound.

The album starts with the single One Long Goodbye, a track full of warmth and intimacy. The vocals are wonderfully enticing, with a stunning delicacy which you can't help but lean in to hear. It is certainly the vocal performance that stands out throughout; elusive at times, and at others coming to embrace you. Songs like Clean Condition and Hold The Night Back rely on a strong vocal, though that's not to say that the musical accompaniment isn't very good.

The title track is a high point on the album, a great union of piano and voice. It has almost the feel of a confessional track, full of authenticity and a soul. With a touch of Country to it, the final track Don't Look Back is poetic and irrepressible, a great way to end.

Unfound is a fine album, and Lucy Zirins is clearly a songwriter with bags of talent. There has clearly been a lot of time and love poured into the record, and a quiet assurance to the performance. There is still a lot of potential on display too, and as good as Unfound is (and it is very good indeed), it hints towards a performer who is only going to get better. Which all means that now is the perfect time to discover Lucy Zirins.

Adam Jenkins