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Lowri Evans and Lee Mason Lowri Evans and Lee Mason
Album: A Little Bit Of Everything
Label: Shimi
Tracks: 12

So just how do you pack in ten years' hard graft into twelve tracks? It can't have been easy for Welsh songstress Lowri Evans who first teamed up with guitarist Lee Mason in 2005 and have spent the last ten years, writing, performing and producing music together.

It has been a productive time for them both, with six albums and four EPs, weaving a musical path through the Welsh and English languages.

A Little Bit of Everything is just that - a live snapshot of the music career to date, featuring songs recorded in the studio by these two fine musicians.

It features songs from their most recent album, Everyone Is from Somewhere Else, such as the World War One-inspired Seventeen and the title track of the 2013 album Corner of My Eye.

Three of the 12 tracks are in Welsh and feature the rich, mellow, almost syrupy voice of Lowri and the delightful guitar of Lee Mason.

As a snapshot of their career it is an insight into where their music has taken them. You'll find Maria's, a track first recorded on the 2007 album One Way Ticket and then there's a wonderfully tuneful rendition of Jimmy Cox's classic blues Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out.

Lee helps out with the vocals on Deep Inside, another track from the excellent Corner of My Eye album. You'll also find one of my personal faves, Piece of Me, a song written with Henry Priestman and Pete Riley.

The songs benefit from this stripped back approach which allows Lowri's voice to sparkle and Lee's guitar to shine. Lowri's poignant, wistful vocals make you feel right at home from the opening track, the jazzy-tinged Last Night.

If you've never heard Lowri and Lee, then there no better place to start than here.

This is a wonderful introduction to a voice that deserves to be heard.

The duo will be touring across the UK this summer and I for one can't wait!

John Knighton