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Lorraine Jordan Lorraine Jordan
Album: Send My Soul
Label: Hazelville Music
Tracks: 12

I have been very fortunate lately to be sent two albums to review from outstanding female artistes about whom I knew little before.

The first one was from Elaine Lennon which was quite superb and now I have received a wonderful CD to review from Lorraine Jordan, an album co-produced by Lorraine herself and Debbie Dickinson.

With her music set firmly in her Celtic roots, Lorraine has produced an album befitting her Irish and Welsh background and with more than a hint of Mary Black about it. "Send My Soul" is Lorraine's fifth studio album and it is a beautifully constructed forty-eight minutes of sheer excellence.

Her Celtic connection is possibly best demonstrated in the fabulous "Heavenly Voices" with its ethereal Low Whistle in the background. The harmonies are perfectly matched to the sound and theme of the music. The backing musicians are too numerous to mention here but all help to deliver a sublime album of original songs, all written by Lorraine.

The song that arguably best demonstrates the quality of Lorraine's' voice and her acoustic guitar skill is the slow and soulful "Light Seekers." We are after all, "seekers of the light" in these troubled times. If I have a favourite track on here, it is probably this one. It makes me shiver!

I have now listened to "Send My Soul" about six times and each time I have discovered something different. It is a delightful album containing an eclectic mix of style and pace all of which is held together with Lorraine's soulful vocals, subtle guitar playing and heartfelt lyrics. A quality production from an accomplished artiste who deserves wide ranging recognition.

Rory Stanbridge