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Lorna Dea Lorna Dea
Album: Comfort Zone
Label: Big Help Music
Tracks: 4

Lorna Dea is a BBC introducing artist from the East Midlands predominantly into the genre of Commercial Pop Music, but with a real passion for old Soul and Motown. Lorna's Music has been described as having a "Contemporary mix of steady pop beats with subtle undertones of an organic Motown vibe."

"Comfort Zone" is Lorna Dea's second EP, her first, "Little Spark" charted at number 32 in the iTunes Soul and R&B charts in 2016 along with the likes of 'Blurred Lines' by Parrell Williams and Robin Thicke and Al Green's classic 'Let's Stay Together' Like it's predecessor, this disc contains three original songs and one cover. The title track as might be surmised, explores stepping out of one's comfort zone and disparaging the views of another who might be over cautiously holding you back. "So here you are again telling me how to live life, Well have you ever lived, you don't know what it's like, Stuck in your nine to five, where your world is golden

Well keep your head real closed and I'll keep mine open." The track has an 80's feel about it, you can hear the soul influences in this very new piece.

"Count To Ten" is very much in the tradition of Motown rhythms and moves along with an emphasis on the third beat in the bar which drives it all the way through. The sense of the song is, when faced with a difficulty, one should step back take a deep breath and count to ten. I am not normally a fan of the style, but I discovered this track to be strangely compelling. In fact I caught myself putting it on repeat play whilst doing other things. I found It's lively track a pleasing companion, impelling me to get on with the work before me. That is really something from a person who always found music distracting when trying to study or work.

"Cry Baby" is a cover of the Paloma Faith song and shows off it's slinky soul-funk and disco origins. Lorna's delivery is true to the style with the added advantage of clear diction which brings lucidity and understanding of the song to the listener. It is the sort of track that can be enjoyed for many many plays.

"Got My Back" is a Lorna Dea original, it is an anthem to sisterhood, "People confuse us you'd think we were sisters, and we're even dating similar misters

I cant believe what we have achieved, we were so young and well up for fun." The halting backing supports the lead lyrics admirably and acts as a foil for the story of how two girls support each other, as they have adventures and losses together.

Lorna is due to release 'Comfort Zone' on 9 February 2018, It is currently on pre-order on iTunes, and whilst also being available to stream on Spotify. She is naturally hoping that this EP will be received with the same positivity and praise from her music industry peers as was the first one. "Little Spark" received a great reception from Local and National BBC radio presenters such as Mark Forrest, of BBC Introducing, who remarked "We love the sound that you make." I would venture to suggest he is not alone in that view.

I have seen Lorna Dea live several times and she always displays a cheerful, happy persona. Although living in the UK Midlands, her Yorkshire roots are never far away which always bodes well for her audience as she is possessed of a great sense of humour, some of which can be traced in this release.

Tony Collins