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Lizzy Hardingham Lizzy Hardingham
Album: Seven
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

Lizzy Hardingham's album 'Seven' is a celebration of seven of the world's major seas and oceans, and the mood of the record is as diverse as these contrasting bodies of water. The vibrant tribute to the whale in 'King of the Boundless Deep' is offset within the same song by an examination of the way humans have exploited these creatures. Shifting the mood again, 'Memorial for a Glacier' also takes us into unexpected territory as it focuses on Jack Frost lamenting for his love who has melted into the sea.

This shift in mood throughout the album is achieved lyrically by bringing together traditional and original writing, but also through the diverse approach to arrangement. 'Shenandoah' is magical, almost dreamlike, with delicate synthesized elements decorating gorgeous harmonies with chorale textures that are vibrant and uplifting. 'South Australia' is similarly filled with a joyous energy created from a much more restrained palette of layered voices over simple percussion. 'Shallow Brown' with it's shimmering organ has a sultry Americana flavour that completely transforms this shanty. This is complimented wonderfully by the dark and moody 'Memorial for a Glacier' with it's big vocal production and guitar led sound.

Seamlessly stitching together these facets is Lizzy's voice. Her range, tone and strength will hook you in, and her control, nuance and ability to convey the emotional depth of the songs will hold you until the last note. The vocal production has been handled beautifully, and whether you're listening to carefully layered harmony or the incredible lead vocals, nothing gets in the way of Lizzy's unique voice. With the power to fill a stadium and the sensitivity to bring a room to an attentive silence, it's a voice that needs to be heard as words alone can't do it justice.

As if any other reason was needed to buy a copy of the album, a percentage of the sales are also being donated to the RNLI that has inspired aspects of the project.

Leonardo McKenzie