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Liz Crippin Liz Crippin
Album: The Passing Of Years
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

The sad fact is there are only a few teams capable of filling Wembley Stadium, fewer still that can do it in an entertaining way, so do my footie watching friends restrict themselves to one match a year or do they go to other games and look to be entertained? In most cases yes and some even get out to watch their local teams and occasionally get to see some local players that should be playing in a bigger league and some play just for the enjoyment. Maybe not filling Wembley, but still reaching a wider audience and it's the same with music.

For some gigs you make the effort to get to the big venues, the festivals, the big stage fillers and for some that's enough, but for some they'll make the same journey to see a rising name in a smaller venue, see names on the way up at local venues whilst they are on tours. Others still check out the local clubs and discover the artists that should be playing in a bigger pool. Musicians at least have the advantage that they have other avenues, recordings, radio, etc that can help them reach from local club to a wider audience, they don't always have to be seen to be heard and enjoyed.

Liz Crippin is just such an artist, hailing from West Wales, Liz plays mostly on her local scene and seems to play because she enjoys it and enjoys sharing with music fans that are prepared to take the time to explore that local scene, to the extent that it became worth Liz putting together an EP of her songs, not only to service that local support, but also to try and reach out to a wider audience and I'm really pleased she did because I'm really enjoying "The Passing Of Years" a six track mini album/ep that's made up of songs that are rich life and entertaining.

"The Passing Of Years" isn't an album that is going to command space on the ever decreasing music prime time, but it is an album that's worthy of your time and consideration. Liz Crippin may not be a Wembley filler, but she delivers the goods in an entertaining and enjoyable way and her love of what she does is evident in her songs, definitely worth checking out.

Neil King