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Little Sparrow Little Sparrow
Album: Corner Of The Room
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 1

Corner of the Room has a subtle build where the strings weave the web.

Usually fondness of a track grows over a few listens, this one, however, caught my ear on the first run through and strengthens on each listen. It is, as you would say, a grower.

It does have a familiar feel to it but as Little Sparrow/Katie Ware mentions she draws influence from some well known talent.

As this track develops you clearly hear the musical influence and vocal style. It is comforting yet still unique.

I loved the way the tune and delivery of the tune grows throughout its duration. Feeling like the message given is gaining more and more power as the track builds.

If you haven't had a listen to the work of Little Sparrow yet, I would start with this one from her forthcoming 2020 album release "Feather Moon" and whilst you wait for that you can explore the creativity that has already been put out there including the video for this new single.

Great Stuff!

Andy Evans