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Little RedLittle Red
Album: Draw Blood
Label: All Will Be Well
Tracks: 9

When I start off a review with an apology you know it's been because the review has been tucked in the back of my mind and on my mental to do list rather than cast down onto virtual paper and yes I've done it again, with Little Red being the unfortunate victims of my tardiness.

It's an awkward position for a band to be in, the reason they are on my review list id because I'm really liking what I'm hearing. I really liked Little Red's previous releases and "Draw Blood", has without a doubt seen them take another step, whilst stride forward, both in terms of the quality of their sound and the content of the material, songs, that they built around.

There is a dark menace to their particular blend of Americana, Americana gothic if you like, not just in the narrative, but also in the brooding menace of the sound, which has an edge of something that is going to erupt at any minute.

One of the big reasons for that is the vocal interplay between vocalists Ben Gosling and Hayley Bell, sometimes in call and response mode, sometimes in a more conventional lead and backing singer formation. Either way they provide an interaction that brings the song into focus, regardless of the darkness or otherwise of the song. Fans of Snakefarm will recognise the feeling instantly, whilst giving a nod to the differences.

Similarly there are undertones of Johnny Cash in the sound, perhaps if Sun Record's Sam Phillips had been a vampire, drawn more to the darkside. The only real flaw is the length of time I've taken to get this review to you, still look at the season, look around at the ones you love and decide which of them is going to get this treat.

Neil King