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Lisa RedfordLisa Redford
Album: Another Place And Time
Label: Parrot
Tracks: 4

Norfolk-based Americana songstress Lisa Redford releases a sparkly new 4 track EP, with the help of Jose McGill of The Vagaband on double bass, drums, percussion, electric guitar and hammond organ, along with Noel Dashwood who also contributes dobro, ukulele, harmonies and harmonica. And with that little lot thrown into the melting pot, along with Redford's uncanny ability to create beautifully heartfelt songs, this EP is guaranteed to be a winner.

Opener "Music and Mountains" opens in familiar Redford territory, the pain and struggle of love lost. Her voice, full of soul, cleverly underscored and complemented by wistful dobro. And that's very much the theme of the EP. Devilishly subtle melodies, allied to lyrics that will pull gently at those heartstrings. There's nothing pretentious here. You're not going to be preached to. You're not going to be roused into political action.You're just going to kick back and enjoy the calm affluence of the production, and a bundle of songs that are rich in emotion and no little artistry.

Title track "Another Place and Time" would sit comfortably on any Dolly album, that much is for sure. Even "Remember Me", with Redford displaying her fine vocal range, and EP closer "Worst Kind Of Love", with voice and dobro in perfect unison, feel like familiar old friends, and that's a nice feeling.

As a snapshot into the mind and workings of a very talented songwriter, "Another Place and Time" is an admirable example. And at just 4 tracks long, the EP encapsulates a particular mindset and places that into context with the sound that Lisa has created to form a cohesive whole. Enjoy the moment.

Ken Brown.