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Linda Sussman Linda Sussman
Album: Every Road
Label: Sing Out Proud
Tracks: 11

Linda's a Long Island, NY-based singer/songwriter whose songs are a call for social justice and tell stories of personal challenges, as well as celebrating triumphs, love and peace. Good old-fashioned s/s values, then, and stylishly couched in an all-embracing musical idiom that appealingly combines elements of folk, west-coast folk-rock, alt-country and Americana. And to realise her vision, Linda gets plenty of able-bodied help from a small handful of talented musician friends including Cindy Quart, Richie Gueerero as well as Linda herself and album producer Mike Nugent, together playing electric guitars, dobro, ukulele, keyboards, bass and congas/percussion; there's some tasty soloing too among the accompaniments.

Linda has a strong and forthright singing voice, and by and large her style of delivery suits her songs, although at times her use of vibrato seems a touch wearying and insistent. Her writing covers all bases with efficiency and evident compassion and commitment to the cause. The most memorable items in this entirely self-penned collection include social-justice-themed pieces Not In My Name and The Change, the spiritually-inclined Creators and the touching closing Lullaby, although it must be said that on occasion her use of metaphor seems a touch contrived.

Nothing desperately cutting-edge, then, but well crafted all the same, and likely to give pleasure to aficionados of the late-60s/early-70s singer-songwriters (some tracks are perhaps especially reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, though in a nice way).

David Kidman