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Linah Rocio Linah Rocio
Album: Warrior Talk
Label: Aveline
Tracks: 12

Six years after releasing her debut album, All About Secrets, Linah Rocio is back with Warrior Talk. Linah has had quite a journey in life, born in Santiago in Chile, but growing up in Hong Kong and Zurich (where she still lives). This might explain the range of different influences that infuse the album throughout, making it difficult to categorise. There's a lot of indie-pop in the mix, with a hefty dollop of soul, and more than a little jazz sprinkled on top.

The songs are loose with a spontaneous quality to them that constantly surprises. It's unpredictable to the extent that it takes a few listens to appreciate, so successfully does it subvert your expectations. Linah's vocal range is clearly extensive, but for most of the album she keeps it almost locked away, only breaking it out on tracks such as Kill The Monsters, the first single from the album, and the stand out song.

The musical talent on display is impressive. Linah's piano work is a real highlight, but the other musicians add their own unique skills to the mix. Robert Aeberhard on bass, Simon Rupp on electric guitar and banjo, and Christof Jaussi on drums feature heavily throughout, with an almost improvisational style.

Vocally Linah comes across as a mixture of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Bjork. This is particularly showcased on tracks such as L.A. Or New York, and the title track, Warrior Talk. The album is well named, with many of the songs being about conflict, both internal and with others. It's full of emotion, while remaining light and accessible.

Given Linah has only been performing for the last decade, to produce an album of this consistent quality is remarkable. She is one to watch in 2017.

Adam Jenkins