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Laura GibsonLaura Gibson
Album: Empire Builder
Label: City Slang
Tracks: 10

Recorded in the wake of 2015 gas explosion that tore apart building housing her New York apartment, tragedy resulting in loss of 2 neighbours "Empire Building" moment for compassionate reflection on loss and recent upheaval of move from Chicago.

On board Laura's dream band of friends Dave Depper (bass and electric guitar and created trippy ambient loops), Dan Hunt (drum parts cooler than she could have ever imagined) and Peter Broderick violin/strings (they first met more than a decade ago in Portland while Laura in her first job was serving coffee). Co-producer John Askew completing intimate combo with ambitious desire to capture personal change in her life.

Cacophony of sound 'The Cause' begins unhurried journey of songs of deep narrative which at times hold raw edge, brooding title song 'Empire Builder' deliberately heightened with passages of swelling guitar feedback. Change felt in cut of the uplifting country 'Two Kids' where repeated listen reveals more than simple love song, foil to proceeding string laden 'The Search For Dark Lake'.

Fans of low-key indie sensibility are rewarded on final cut the fragile 'The Last One', however the aforementioned 'Two Kids' remaining personal choice.

Tony Wilding