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L Protector L Protector
Album: L Protector
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

L Protector is a British-Iranian songwriter. The skin pore close monochrome portrait, steeped on atmosphere hints at the emotional intensity and intimacy of this album. There may be darkness and shadows, but nothing escapes our gaze on this solo performed album where all the instruments and the voice are provided and layered in a lo-fi masterpiece by L Protector.

A simple refrain is picked out on a resonant acoustic guitar. We feel every vibration of the strings. voice is as resonant and characterful with a little soulful roughness. The band kicks in and 'Life's A Trial', a song about unrequited love, really smoulders and burns. The strummed guitar on 'Half My Age Away' is softer, the electric guitar is a dirty atmospheric buzz and the voice has an upper register David Gilmour quality to it. 'Lived A Life' doubles up the voices over an expansive U2 guitar creating a atmospheric melancholic modern rock masterpiece. The grimy guitar solo as hesitant and emotional as Neil Young himself is wonderful. A 'Space Oddity' referencing acoustic guitar and some really rock electric chords open 'She Don't Hear My Prayer' with another brooding emotional vocal. 'Just A Head Upon A Chest' features L Protector's soulful crooning on a folk rock song with a clap hand beat and some fine backing. 'The Hand Of The Almighty' has a wonderful church organ sounding keyboard and another reasonant guitar riff. L Protector has one of those soulful voices that cracks and smoulders imparting his lyrics with great potent. 'You've Got A Way About You Gal' has L Protector's voice distinctive and charged like a chilled Folk Rock Jake Bugg. 'Sleepwell Sweetheart' is an emotional anthemic song, a song of lost love, driven by a very Prog pair of keyboards lifted straight from a 70s horror film. L Protector's soulful voice gets pushed furthest on this song, squeezed to an atmosphere scream, surrounded by a celestial choir of voice like keyboard sounds.

Soulful singer delivers album of slow-burning songs with restraint and understatement delivering real emotion and intensity.

Marc Higgins