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Keston Cobblers Club Keston Cobblers Club
Album: Sirens
Label: Tricolour
Tracks: 12

Named for a 17th Century Cobbler with a passion for public dancing, KESTON COBBLERS CLUB are a four piece of siblings Matthew and Julia Lowe with Tom Sweet and Harry Stasinopoulos. Together they produce a very bright, upbeat Folk Pop music packed with beautiful harmonies and 'Summer drive top down' jangly melodies. 'Siren' opens with a insistent guitar part and some of those harmonies that characterise MUMFORD AND SONS. 'Another Summer' keeps the tempo up with more perfect vocals and washes of atmospheric accordian and keyboards. 'Eye To Eye' stripped back to guitar and piano features layered almost Bluegrass vocal harmonies that characterise the Keston sound. 'Swimming Pool' is more contemplative with Julia's voice to the fore and an anthemic quality crackling throughout. 'Here's The Truth' has a Tuung nu folk feel, a great vocal hook and some very tasteful brass on what sounds like a potential hit. 'For, Ever' breaks the folk pop mould a little with sons inventive percussion behind beautiful duet vocals.

'Eveline' swells with the most English sounding brass and a crooned vocal that is pure Rufus Wainwright on a reflective emotional lyric, again there is the wiff of radio friendly hit here. 'Open Sesame' is a frantic instrumental with all the depth breadth and florish of a BELLOWHEAD or a HACKNEY COLLIERY BAND and that even be a homage to 'A Day In The Life's' sustained resonant final chord on the fade out. 'Library' is another strong album highlight with tasteful brass, upbeat percussion and superb vocals. 'State' closes the album on an emotional piano ballard, built around some stunning harmonies and a tension building piano riff that edges towards classic early 70s Elton John. Classic bass riff on the instrumental section at the end two.

Perfect folk pop vocals, sparkling playing on superb songs that offer both radio friendliness and depth to the listener. If you haven't tried the Kestons and enjoy intelligent well crafted pop tinged acoustic music, then this is highly highly recommended.

Marc Higgins